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December 16, 2019

Grand Hyatt Grand Cayman - Now Under Construction At Below Market Prices

You have an opportunity to reap the financial benefits of significant capital appreciation, which has already taken place along Seven Mile Beach, with more to come.  This prestigious resort will be a game changing development for Seven Mile Beach.

Just to put this in perspective, these Grand Hyatt condominiums are pre-selling, right now, at an average of only US$933 per square foot for a 5 Star Internationally Branded Seven Mile Beach Resort!  Compare this per square foot cost, to recent sales within the last year, at a random summary below of other popular Seven Mile Beach condominium developments:

  • Villas of the Galleon (built around 1980) - US$1,509 sales price per square foot
  • Pinnacle (built around 2000) - US$1,323 sales price per square foot
  • Ritz-Carlton (built around 2005) - US$1,662 sales price per square foot
  • WaterColours (built around 2014) - US$1,805 sales price per square foot
  • Kimpton Seafire (built around 2016) - US$2,031 sales price per square foot
  • Water’s Edge (built around 2006) - US$1,376 sales price per square foot

To further put this into perspective, a furnished Studio residence just sold on December 5, 2019 at the Kimpton Seafire for US$827,875. This Studio residence has a "beach view on the side of the building" and not "beachfront", like all the 5 Star Grand Hyatt residences. Compare the sales prices as follows:

  • Kimpton Seafire Studio - US$1,373 sold price per square foot
  • Grand Hyatt Studio - now priced from US$855 to US$1,022 per square foot, depending on location/floor level

These are all current market sales values taken from our real estate association’s MLS system over the last year.

The Kimpton Seafire Studio residence is likely the most similar comparison for a Grand Hyatt Studio residence.  The Seafire Studio is 603 sq. ft. and the Grand Hyatt is 610 sq. ft.

As of today, the difference in prices represents a huge upside in value for a Grand Hyatt Studio of a minimum of 34% up to 60%.  In dollar terms, that would be US$214,110 to US$315,980 of an increase in value, right now, over current prices.

This is based on the recent Seafire Studio sale, not counting the other higher Seven Mile Beach condominium sales prices.  This upside is real and prevalent across all of the residences currently for sale at the Grand Hyatt and presents a huge opportunity for capital appreciation, as the Grand Hyatt progresses through construction. This is how savvy investors make their high profits.

Not only will the Grand Hyatt be Grand Cayman’s next 5 Star Internationally branded resort (Ritz-Carlton is the only other 5 star resort), but it will incorporate the most current building styles and cutting edge interior designs.  Residences will have ten foot ceilings and nine foot sliding glass doors across the beachfront of the residence with an abundance of natural light.  The views of the beach, Caribbean Sea, cruise ships, and George Town will be absolutely stunning!

With the start of construction, sales at this amazing 5 Star Resort are taking off again. We are 35% sold already and just starting into high season.  Sell out is expected long before completion of construction

Think seriously about investing into a residence, as this is probably your best timing, prior to any price increases – which are imminent, now!  We still have the original prices.  There are no resale restrictions, if you decide to sell prior to completion, to take a capital gain before you would need to close and pay Stamp Duty.

Grand Cayman has been experiencing record breaking tourism, every month for the last two years.  It has been discovered as a rare, high quality, and family safe destination.  The ongoing boom in development along with the infrastructure upgrades are continually improving the quality of life here – it gets better every year.  Capitalize on a very good investment, both financially and for your families future enjoyment, with a Grand Hyatt Residence while they are still at these very best prices!

Please contact me to acquire a residence or to discuss further.  Now that construction has started, as the development starts going vertical, everyone is going to realize just how truly spectacular this 5 Star resort development is going to be.  This is a really good investment!