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July 16, 2020

Cayman Safe

Feeling safe where we live - in our home, our city, and our country has taken on a new meaning, this year. COVID has reminded the world that some locations are just more safe and better than others. And who doesn’t want to live in a place that is very safe for themselves and their family.

The Cayman Islands has proven that they are one of the world leaders in keeping their residents safe. Our country is back to work and no one is sick or in the hospital. Businesses are open, including restaurants and bars, construction sites, and even hotels for local Staycations.

The difference is that we are not open to anyone entering our country by cruise ships and air arrivals.  No overseas visitors… not yet. Other Caribbean countries are opening up, but we are staying closed until there is more surety that we will not reintroduce the virus into our country.

Our reputation as a safe bastion throughout the COVID crisis has received international acclaim.  Cayman has always been exceptional for safe investments and being a very safe place for visitors and residents. Now, we have solidified our reputation as a safe location during a pandemic, which has added another dynamic to having a residence here.

Since we opened for business just over a month ago, our real estate industry has been booming.  Demand has been strong locally and exceptionally strong from overseas investors purchasing second homes or future permanent residences. Cayman has been discovered.

Virtually all price ranges have been sought after. The demand is across the board. We entered this crisis with extremely low existing inventory for both residential and resort markets, so pre-construction sales are being purchased aggressively. Along Seven Mile Beach, pre-sales of residences from the Grand Hyatt in the high US$500,000 range to The Watermark in the US$7,000,000 to US$8,000,000 range, have been very active.

The Cayman Islands are a world class destination for personal safety, solid investment opportunities, and an incredible lifestyle.  If there was ever a reason to make a change and improve your life, especially after this crisis that you have had to endure, that time is right now.  Unburden your life. Come to Cayman!