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Grand Hyatt - Grand Cayman Residences

Publish Date : 01 Mar 2018
Grand Hyatt - Grand Cayman Residences
  • Studio Residences from US$533,000
  • 1 BR/2 BA Residences from US$1,115,000
  • 2 BR/2.5 BA Residences from US$1,664,000  
  • 3 BR/3.5 BA Residences from US$4,977,000


Publish Date : 22 Feb 2018
Destined to be the new darling of Seven Mile Beach, the stunning Grand Hyatt Grand Cayman Residences embrace the best in luxury beachfront living. Choose from Studios, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom resort condominium residences...

Lighthouse Point Residences

Publish Date : 21 Feb 2018

The brand new Lighthouse Point Residences are being developed on a prime site, at the edge of the Caribbean Sea.  It is within a short walk of the Cayman Turtle Center and Dolphin Discovery, two very popular tourist attractions. The Developer has uniquely combined an eco-friendly, energy efficient, Net-zero solar arrays, green buildi...

The Residences of Stone Island

Publish Date : 21 Feb 2018

The Residences of Stone Island   The perfect address for boating and beach lovers alike, this secure gated community of luxury waterfront homes has been created by the team behind The WaterColours.   The lifestyle   The Residences of Stone Island encapsulates Cayman’s boating lifestyle while also being eas...

Margaritaville Beach Resort

Publish Date : 10 Feb 2016

Tremendous income investment and opportunity for capital appreciation. Suites will be completely renovated and newly furnished. The resort will be transformed into a dynamic and fun destination featuring themed restaurants, bars, spa, retail shops and pools. Owners get 6 weeks of personal use and no expenses.

The WaterColours, an international award winning development comprised of the most prestigious residences on Seven Mile Beach, is scheduled to complete construction in the next couple months.  This in itself is a huge accomplishment, considering it started construction just as the global recession was unfolding, which literally froze...

2013 Market Summary - Jan 2014

Publish Date : 29 Jan 2014

The local economy and real estate market is improving, however, it is still happening at a slow pace in terms of genuine activity.  Sales of real estate started improving in 2012 and overall, it was a better year than the previous few years, but not by a whole lot.

A year l...

The Highest Priced Properties - Nov 2013

Publish Date : 26 Nov 2013

The real estate market has grown in size and value over the last several years and some of the prices that are being seen, on the top end of the range, are noteworthy.  Extraordinary properties are being developed and they continue to raise the bar, in both quality and price. 

Starting to Recover - Nov 2013

Publish Date : 19 Nov 2013

STARTING TO RECOVER – It has been a difficult four to five years for our economy, and the real estate industry has been no exception. 

Since the global financial crisis in late 2008, real estate activity and prices have fallen off from the levels ...

MASSIVE DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY NOW UNDERWAY – It is really quite impressive, when you look at the current level of development that is underway, compared to how slow it was, over the prior four to five years.  Almost all of it ramped up in the last year, now that the economy is improving and demand is increas...

THE INCREDIBLE WATERCOLOURS – This will be the first time, in the Cayman Islands, that a beachfront residential development on Seven Mile Beach has integrated many of the services and amenities of a 5 star hotel into their operations.  A more private, yet all inclusive lifestyle is afforded, for those who d...

An interesting trend has occurred in property development. 

Over the last 5 years, since 2008, an ongoing correction has taken place in the property development industry.  Just prior to this correction, we had been on a three to four year period of strong developme...

Current Market Summary-June 2013

Publish Date : 10 Jul 2013

Here is where we are, right now, in our real estate market cycle. Sales activity is just above flat lining on last year and although real estate activity is improving, the growth in total, is still tepid. 

Slow progress should continue over the next two years.  How...

Mid Decade Boom-May 2013

Publish Date : 08 Jul 2013

The real estate market in the Cayman Islands currently has some of the best opportunities that we have seen in many years.

Much of this has been set up over the last four years, from the end of 2008 up to the end of end of 2012.  During that time, real estate activity in ou...

Cayman's Lucky 13th-May 2013

Publish Date : 07 Jul 2013

2013 may be a very lucky year for anyone buying real estate in the Cayman Islands.

There is a tremendous amount of private and public sector investment, development, and improvement to the country’s infrastructure taking place during this lucky 13th year of the ...

Improvement Is Starting-Apr 2013

Publish Date : 06 Jul 2013

Over the next five to ten years, the Cayman Islands will change a great deal, due to development of major infrastructure and the arrival of new residents.  It is already happening, as there is more positive momentum than we have seen for a long time in our real estate market.


Tourism Impact Ahead-Feb 13

Publish Date : 05 Jul 2013

Finally, some real hope for an improving real estate market over the next several years! 

We have had weak market conditions, since just after the global financial crisis in late 2008.  That was a long time, ago.  Initially, the market fell off in real est...

Market Has Bottomed-Dec 12

Publish Date : 04 Jul 2013

Statistics can be confusing and even more so when it comes to our real estate industry, due to the numbers with which we have to work.  They tend to be more general than specific.  However, they can indicate trends and the direction of the market.

If you look at a ...

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